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Min Ki Kim 

(Co-President of Fall 2015 - Spring 2016)


The day after I flew home this summer, my grandfather's pneumonia symptoms worsened. As I walk out of the intensive care unit this afternoon, countless memories that I shared with him pass by – the happy ones, the sad ones, all in a hodgepodge. Deep in thoughts about life and death, I ponder what my grandpa’s college years had been like and compare my imaginations of his college years to mine. What would I remember about college at the age of 83? My experiences in Wharton KUBS is definitely the highlight in college, and beyond that, life. The members of the past five years opened a cultural and business-oriented gateway between Korea and Penn/Wharton community. Nevertheless, I believe Wharton KUBS is one of the strongest clubs in the world because each KUBS member genuinely cares about another member. Each member’s uniqueness is respected by all. The board and the members (who are the future leaders) all love being a part of the organization. KUBS is growing and stands internally cohesive. If you happen to have a chance to be a part of this club, take the chance. If you happen to be an alumnus/alumnae, help the club in whatever capacity. Whatever wildest dreams you have will continue to come true through KUBS. I love you, Wharton KUBS. I will remember you at the age of 83 as one of my fondest memories in college.


From Daegu,

Min Ki

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