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Angie Han

(Founding Member, Co-President of Fall 2011 - Spring 2012)


First of all, I just wanted to congratulate you all on the fifth year anniversary. And I cannot be more proud of my incredible “hoobaes” who have turned around a start-up club to a Wharton trial-recognized club! I have worked with many of you, who have now become presidents or other officers. And I can tell you for a fact, each and every one of you are very very special. You are not only smart and passionate but also genuine and caring people. I think that’s what differentiate our community from others. That we care. We care about each other, our club, and we simply give our best in everything we do. I really hope I can send another message for the 10th anniversary and 15th anniversary…etc Hope you guys are all celebrating with champagne (or if you are illegal… grape juice?) today, and really be proud of what you guys have achieved so far. Cheers!


From Brussels,




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