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Yena Suh


C '25

Yena is a junior in the College studying Philosophy, Politics, and Economics and Environmental Studies. She is also involved in the Dean’s Advisory Board, the PPE Undergraduate Advisory Board, and the Wharton ESG Initiative as a Turner Fellow. Outside of school, she loves to bake, journal, and explore Philadelphia.


Christina Kong


C '25

Christina is a sophomore in the College studying Communications. In addition to W-KUBS, she is involved in Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority, Wharton Undergraduate Society of Accounting, and Penn Singers. In her free time, she likes to watch musicals, cafe-hop with friends, and cook.  

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Rachel_Lee_headshot markets.jpg

Rachel Lee

VP of Professional Development 

C '24

Rachel is a senior in the College studying Economics and minoring in Statistics. In addition to W-KUBS, she is actively involved in Grit Lab and PEER Mentorship Program. In her free time, she enjoys new restaurants, NYT games, and karaoke.

Hoon Lee - HEADSHOT_edited.jpg

Hoon Lee

VP of BBB 

C '26

Hoon is a sophomore majoring in Economics with minors in Consumer Psychology and Fine Arts. Throughout his life, Hoon has lived in five different places around the world. Since 2020, he has been actively involved in W-KUBS and BBB, where he has served as a team mentor, staff member, and director of BBB 2023. Apart from BBB, Hoon also holds the position of treasurer at W-KUBS, leads a team in Moso Capital (a student-run venture program), and is an active participant in the Wharton Investment Trading Group Energy team and Wharton Impact Venture Associates. Hoon has gained valuable experience in Venture Capital and Growth Equity, particularly in the TMT and Consumer & Retail sectors. Additionally, Hoon is an experienced photographer with over 40 gigs under his belt.

John Park

VP of Business Analysis

W '25

John is a senior at Wharton studying finance and philosophy.Outside of KUBS, he is involved in Wharton Undergraduate Finance Club and Joseph Wharton Scholars. In his free time, he plays soccer and ice hockey, watches other major sports, and bartends.

John J Park Headshot.jpg

Gina Ryu

VP of External Relations

W '26

Gina is a sophomore at Wharton studying Finance (and potentially Behavioral Economics). In addition to W-KUBS, she is involved in Sigma Psi Zeta Sorority, Penn Common Cents, and Wharton Global Research & Consulting Group. In her free time, she likes to explore new restaurants/cafes, make Spotify playlists, and watch new releases on Netflix. 

Erin Hong

VP of Internal Relations

W '26

Erin is a sophomore at Wharton studying Finance and Management. In addition to W-KUBS, Erin is involved in Common Cents and Penn Appetit. In her free time, Erin loves eating and sleeping. 

Tiffany Lee

VP of Marketing

C '24

Tiffany is a senior in the College studying Cognitive Science and Chemistry. Aside from W-KUBS, she is involved in Kapacity. Tiffany is pursuing a path in dental medicine and biotechnology. In her free time, Tiffany loves to play bass.

Sarah Kim

Co-VP of Consulting

W '24


Sarah is a senior at Wharton studying Finance and Management.  In addition to serving as the Co-VP of Consulting at W-KUBS, Sarah is also a project leader for UPenn REACH.  She was previously a Co-President for the Wharton Global Research and Consulting Group and Co-Chair for the Wharton Successful Transition and Empowerment Program.  Outside of work, she enjoys cooking, listening to EDM, and spending time at Pottruck.

John Park

Co-VP of Consulting

C '25

John is a junior in the College majoring in Economics and minoring in Survey Research & Data Analytics. In addition to W-KUBS, John is involved in Kapacity. Outside of school, he enjoy recording music and playing squash.

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Dylan Kang

Freshman Representative

W '27


Dylan is a freshman at Wharton studying Finance and Accounting. In addition to serving as the freshmen liaison, he is involved in Violet Quaker, WITG, WAX, Greek Life, and Club Water Polo. Outside of school, Dylan enjoys playing golf, hiking, and watching Formula 1. 

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