Sarah Jeon


W '22

Sarah is a student in the Wharton School of Business concentrating in Finance and Marketing. She hopes to one day become a judge. In her free time, she loves dancing, traveling, and exploring cafes in Center City.

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Michelle Woo


C '23

Michelle is a junior in the College studying Philosophy, Politics, and Economics(PPE). At Penn, she is also a part of Phi Chi Theta and Penn Undergraduate Law Journal. Outside of school, she loves to travel, go on walks, explore new coffee shops, and bake vegan breads and desserts for friends.



Juhyung Park

VP of Events 

W '23

Juhyung is a junior in The Wharton School studying Finance and Business Analytics. In addition to W-KUBS, he is a part of 180 Degrees Consulting and WAX. Outside of school, Juhyung loves to brew coffee, travel, and explore restaurants.


Alice Suh

VP of BBB 

W '24

Alice is a sophomore at Wharton, studying Business Analytics and Design. She is an active member of Wharton Alliance and the Finance intern at Penn Graduate School of Education Business Office. Outside of school, she enjoys tea, cooking, watching sitcoms, and long-distance running.

Anthony Yang

VP of Business Analysis

W '24

Anthony Yang is a sophomore at Wharton concentrating in Finance and Real Estate. At Penn, he is a member of WAX and STEP. He loves coffee, video games, working out, and listening to EDM.


 Daniel Lee

VP of Internal Relations

W '24

Daniel studies Finance in Wharton. He loves basketball, cooking, poker. He also likes to create hip-hop and other music in his free time


Hannah Cho

VP of External Relations

W '24

Hannah is hoping to study Finance and Business Analytics at the Wharton School. Aside from KUBS, Hannah is a part of MUSE and WUCC at Penn. She loves chai tea, exploring new music, and traveling.


Sarah Kim

VP of Consulting

W '24

Sarah Kim is a sophomore in Wharton concentrating in Finance and Management. In addition to WKUBS, her other main involvements on campus include the Global Research and Consulting Group, MUSE, the Korean Student Association, and Wharton STEP. In her spare time, Sarah enjoys cooking, creating digital art, and working out.

Eric Kim

VP of Marketing

C '24

Eric is a Sophomore in the College studying Economics and Statistics. He is a member of WUAC and KAP. He also loves watching movies and listening to Korean Hip-Hop. 


John Oh

Freshman Representative

C '25


John Oh is a freshman in the College with an interest in Cognitive Science and Consumer Psychology. Apart from WKUBS, he is also a member in MUSE and Outdoors club. As he loves to be active, John is always delighted to face new challenges. Some of his favorites are cliff-jumping, hooping, and filming.

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