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We are W-KUBS

Wharton Korea Undergraduate Business Society, also known as Wharton KUBS, is the only professional student-run undergraduate organization at the University of Pennsylvania that focuses on providing a unique and professional experience to students interested in Korean businesses.  Our mission is to promote awareness of Korean business among students at the University of Pennsylvania by providing opportunities for sharing professional knowledge.  Our three main goals are: 1) To serve as a bridge between Penn’s student body and Korean businesses 2) To provide opportunities for students to learn about the Korean economy, politics, and business trends 3) To build a professional collegiate network with other business schools.



Wharton Korea Undergraduate Business Society is divided into six different committees, each with its own Vice President. The committees are Internal Relations, External Relations, Professional Development, Marketing, Consulting and Business Analysis. Two Co-Presidents oversee six committees as well as the Executive Board. As of Spring 2022 semester, we have 50 committee members and approximately 100 general body members.

New Student Programming

Wharton Korea Undergraduate Business Society will host events that would provide better insight into the club’s various events and activities for new students. Events such as “Back to School 101” and “Summer Alumni Panel” will be held before applications open. 

How to Join

Wharton KUBS committee applications are open at the beginning of both fall and spring semesters. Applications will be due per Wharton Council Guidelines followed by a series of formal interviews. Applications will be live on PennClubs. Please check our website for updates and additional information.


Speaker Series:

Speaker series events provide opportunities for Penn students to learn directly from experts in the cross-fields of Korea and business. Past speaker series events include:

  • The Economic Development of East Asia (with Dr. Kim Choong-soo, former Governor of the Bank of Korea)

  • A Talk with Hyun Hong (Youtube Creator and founder of ed-tech startup, toQi)

  • Intersection of Tech and Business: A Talk with Kenneth Kim (Corporate Dev. and M&A Integration at Apple)

  • Fireside Chat with Yup S. Kim (Head of Investments for Private Equity & Investment Director at CalPERS)


Workshops focus on specific agendas that students find most useful for professional opportunities. Past workshop events include:

  • Wharton KUBS Career Workshop

  • Resume/Cover Letter Workshop

  • Internships in Korea Workshop

GBM Engagement Program

All of KUBS events, ranging from educational workshops to social dinners, are open to the general body members. All general body members are expected to attend mandatory general body meetings in the beginning and end of each semester. 

General Body Meetings

  • (Frequency) All GBMers must attend our General Body Meeting that happens once a semester.

  • (Purpose) All members will have the opportunity to engage with the entire club and understand club goals for the semester moving forward. 

General Body Member (GBMer) Engagement Plan

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