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Somina Lee

(Co-President of Fall 2017 - Spring 2018)


Coincidentally, I'm writing this after both my amazing co-pres and the current co-pres came to visit me in Paris – proof that KUBS friendships last far and wide! Ever since I joined board in spring 2016, KUBS has been at the core of my college experience in a way no other club could have been. Whether it be spontaneously starting fling early while matching in our new crewnecks, figuring out how to mail and visit VPs in the military despite my stilted Korean, or interning with the co-pres who became my role model both in and out of this club, I can trace countless unique elements of W-KUBS in my fondest memories.


As difficult as it can be, it’s immensely gratifying to pour your everything into something you care about. Whether for KUBS or another involvement, – though really, it should be KUBS :) – I encourage you to fully dive into something you can look back on with a sense of pride and fulfillment. That’s definitely been the case for me, so thank you, W-KUBS. I can’t wait to see how the club will continue to grow and succeed!

From Paris,

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