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James Lee

(Founding Member, Co-President of Fall 2011 - Spring 2012, Co-President of Fall 2012  - President of Spring 2013)


In the spring of 2011, founding members of KUBS felt the need for a Wharton undergraduate organization that provides the Wharton community with the exposure to Korean businesses, which they believed would have an increasing role and growing impact in the global business world.  Since its foundation in Spring 2011, KUBS has gone through many ups and downs and has finally reached the point today where it is being considered by the Wharton Council as an official organization of the Wharton community.

As a founding member who has been wholeheartedly devoted to KUBS' success over the last five years, I am very proud of all of us who have been integral parts of the group to make KUBS reach this far. I am also very thankful to the current KUBS board and committee members who have so far made the trial period smooth and on track to the official recognition.


From San Francisco,

James Lee



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