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For Korean cuisines, creating a balance between the Americanized taste and the traditional taste is always a challenge. While some decide to maintain the traditional homestyle taste, others take a slight more experimental path by combining two cuisines together. To hear from both styles of Korean cuisines, Wharton KUBS presents Danny Lee, who will talk about Mandu, a classic, homemade Korean dish. Additionally, Danny will provide fresh and valuable insights to the Penn student body by sharing his stories and thoughts on the current trend of Korean cuisine in the US.

Danny Lee (Chef / Owner of Mandu)
Danny Lee runs Mandu with his mother Yesoon Lee. Mandu is a family owned and operated restaurant in Washington, DC, specializing in homestyle Korean cuisine that played to their strengths and represented their Korean culinary traditions and culture. Mandu’s first location opened in 2006 in the Dupont Circle neighborhood on 18th St. Five years later in 2011, Mandu opened its second location in the Mount Vernon Triangle neighborhood on K St. Since then, Danny has continued to promote Korean cuisine through frequent changes to the Mandu menus, as well as through cooking at various events around the country and world.

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