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“Fake it till you make it.” While Penn seems to embody such an outlook, it really should not be the case for jobs. Finding a job is a confusing and stressful process, but not many underclassmen nor upperclassman know what the process actually is, nor do they ask, simply because at Penn, everyone already seems to know everything. 

The Ultimate Summer Guide hopes to completely clarify what finding a job consists of step by step. From freshman year to junior year, speakers will painstakingly go through what Penn students do until they get their permanent jobs. Starting from what OCR actually means, to what specific tasks freshman, sophomores, and juniors should do to get prepared, after attending the event, members will have a clear understanding of both the big picture of the job process and the smaller must-dos. 

Unlike other W-KUBS events, the Ultimate Summer Guide will be held in a casual coffee chat format with a smaller audience group, so we encourage you to take advantage of this small group setting. Feel free to ask any type of question you have about summer break options and opportunities!

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