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Want to learn more about entrepreneurship? Have some burning questions about how to go about a start-up?

Wharton KUBS is excited to host a coffee chat with Joon Choi, founding member of Korea Business Society (now KUBS!) and Pikicast, and founder of Epicerie. He is studying finance at Wharton and is an experienced serial entrepreneur and angel investor.


“Advices for students who are considering start-up:
First, for those who are searching for jobs: There are a lot of people who pursue start-up simply because 'you can choose what you do.' However, this does not mean that you only do what you want to do. Start-up requires you to do a lot of things you may not enjoy. Second, for students: I think the saying ‘low risk, high return’ only applies during your twenties. If you are considering doing start-up, it’s definitely worth trying.” Joon Choi / Class of 2018 / Founding member of Korea Business Society, Pikicast, and Epicerie

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