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Co-hosted by the Wharton Asia Exchange, Wharton Korea Undergraduate Business Society, Penn Taiwanese Society, Wharton China Association, and Wharton China Business Society, the Annual Asia Spotlight Week provides Penn students with an opportunity to learn about business in Asia through a series of speaker events and panels over a four-day period. 

Asia Internship Panel 
Time: Monday, Oct. 17th at 6PM
Location: JMHH 345
Hear from a panel of 5 upperclassmen who have interned in various cities in Asia. Learn more about the recruiting process for each of these countries, and how the work style differs among them. This will be a chance to understand the ins and outs of OCR for Asia, and how to survive and thrive in the Asian business environment.

Strategically Navigating the Chinese Tech Sector
Time: Tuesday, Oct. 18th at 7PM
Location: JMHH F70
Come listen to Professor Marshall W. Meyer discuss corporate strategies within China's robust tech industry and how these companies address the existing competition. Professor Meyer has done extensive research on organizational management of Chinese business firms and will provide valuable insight into the current status and the future of China's technology.

Industry Spotlight w/ MBAs
Time: Wednesday, Oct. 19th at 6PM
Location: JMHH F65
Come listen to a panel of 4 current second-year Wharton MBA’s who have worked and interned at a variety of industries, including investment banking, consulting, and tech across Asia. Learn more about Asia’s business landscape and work environments by listening to their stories and experiences working in various firms, including Deloitte in Hong Kong, Goldman Sachs in Singapore, Warburg Pincus in China, and e-connect in Indonesia. This panel will help you gain invaluable insights into the various booming industries in Asia and how to find your place in each. This event consists of a 40-minute Q&A session followed by networking.

Policy in China: A Conversation with Chinese Politicians
Time: Thursday, Oct. 20th at 6PM
Location: JMHH F60
Join in on a panel discussion with Chinese Central Government Officials, moderated by Professor John Zhang. The panel will be focusing on the future development in China pertaining to fields such as law, commerce, informational technology, and trade. This event will be conducted in Mandarin.


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