Wharton Korea Undergraduate Business Society (W-KUBS) is a professional student-run organization at the University of Pennsylvania. We aim to provide a unique and professional experience to those interested in the business culture in Korea. Since the beginning, Korea Undergraduate Business Society has sought to provide professional experiences unique to Korean business culture to the UPenn community. We also aspire to be active outwards by building a professional collegiate network with other business schools and organizations, both in the United States and Korea. In addition, we plan to reach out to future members - such as high school students - who can bring fresh ideas into our cohesive network in the future.



  • Educate the student body about Korean business environment, culture, and economy

  • Foster a Korea-specific interest community at Wharton to encourage sharing of knowledge among peers

  • Serve as a liaison between Korean firms and Wharton’s student body




Via Lim

VP of External Relations

C '21

Via is a student in the College of Arts & Sciences majoring in Urban Studies and International Relations. She hopes to work in the public policy field in the future. She is also a lover of contemporary art, karaoke, and Pilates.

Tae An

VP of Casing

W & E '20

Tae An is completing a dual-degree in Wharton and SEAS, studying finance and computer science. He is a poker master, and is adept at playing squash and listening to classical music. Besides those talents, he is a certified professional magician, plays the oboe, and performed on live television.





Jihyeon Kim


W &C '20

Jihyeon Kim is in the Huntsman Program studying business analytics, finance, and Japanese. She is passionate about plays, baking, and traveling the world. Although she grew up in Ulsan, South Korea she completed a study abroad program in Tokyo to strengthen her Japanese skills.

JiWhan Moon


W '21

​JiWhan Moon is working towards finance, management, and statistics concentrations in the Wharton School. He enjoys chess, debating, soccer, and rap/hiphop. In high school, he competed in the Korean Pro-Chess League and is skilled at various genres on the piano.

Roy Lee

Co-VP of Events 

C '22

Roy Lee is in the College studying Communication and East Asian Languages and Civilizations. He is passionate about traveling, going to karaoke, and taking a walk. He is so into karaoke that he would go to Rodeo almost three or four times a week.

Daniel Paik

Co-VP of Events 

W '21

Daniel Paik is studying Computer Science and Economics in the College of Arts & Sciences. At Penn, he is an active tour guide for Kite & Key, member of Delta Sigma Pi, and cellist for Penn Chamber Music. Outside of school, Daniel likes to travel and explore foreign destinations. Some of his favorite visited countries are Russia, Ecuador, and Turkey.

Jun Hwuy An

VP of Business Analysis

W '20

Jun Hwuy An is a student in Wharton who enjoys playing the trumpet, traveling, and mastering video games. Although he is originally from Korea, he lived in Latin America for most of his life. Besides KUBS, Jun Hwuy is a member of Penn’s League of Legends team.

Hyunsun Ahn

VP of Internal Relations

C '20

​Hyunsun Ahn is a senior at Penn studying Economics. She loves going to new places and trying new hobbies through her friends. Her most recent interest is paper cut decorations.

Sarah Jeon

VP of Marketing

C '19

Sarah is a freshman in Wharton concentrating in Legal Studies. She hopes to become a litigation attorney, and loves dancing, traveling and working with kids.

Michelle Woo

Freshman Representative 

C '23

Michelle is in the College studying PPE. She loves traveling, listening to music, and exploring new places. She also loves food so much that she runs an Instagram account just for uploading pictures of food that she tries.

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