FALL 2018 - SPRING 2019

Co-Presidents: Wendy Hirata and Sarah Jiwon Kim

Board Members: Tae An, Minjoo Kim, Jihyeon Kim, Yeunsu Ryu, Jun Hwuy An, Kyua Park, JiWhan Moon, Jordan Seungjin Choi

FALL 2017 - SPRING 2018

Co-Presidents: Somina Lee and Yoon Joo Kim

Board Members: Ganghee Lee, Wendy Hirata, Sean Kim, Sang Woo Lee, Janice Hwang, Jaewon Choi, Lydia Kim, JiWhan Moon

FALL 2016 - SPRING 2017

Co-Presidents: Jimmy Park and Soojin Lee

Board Members: Somina Lee, Yoon Joo Kim, Hyejoon Lee, Stephanie Yang, Jennifer Han, Heejoo Kim (Fall 2016), Daniel Han (Spring 2017)

FALL 2015 - SPRING 2016

Co-Presidents: Min Ki Kim and Hosun Chung

Board Members: In Sik Chung, Sungtaek Hong, Kwon Il Jo, Sujin Lee, Sobin Lee, Seunghyouk Shin (Fall 2015)

KBS was rebranded as “Wharton Korea Undergraduate Business Society (Wharton KUBS)” and expanded the club to its biggest size of 32 committee members and 8 board members. The club was awarded Full-Recognition by Wharton Council on April 2016.

FALL 2014 - SPRING 2015

Co-Presidents: Jenn Kim and Anastasia Lee
Board Members: Eunice Chang, Jiwon Choi, Christine Kim, Yunhee Park, Irene Park (Fall 2014), Min Ki Kim (Spring 2015), Daniel Han (Fall 2014), Ki Kyung Lee (Spring 2015)

The club actively worked with Wharton Council and was granted Trial-Recognition Status by Wharton Council at the end of Spring 2015 Semester.

FALL 2013 - SPRING 2014

Co-Presidents: James An and Lisa Lee
Board Members: Hosun Chung, Jae Yeon Ham, Jenn Kim, Anastasia Lee, Jung Chul Lim, Helen Sohn

The club continued to expand its role on campus with creative events and began its preparation to apply for trial-recognition to become an official club of Wharton Council.

FALL 2012 - SPRING 2013

Co-Presidents: James Lee and Sangkyo Cheon
Board Members: Min Ki Kim (Fall 2012), Ellen Shin, Tina Chang, Melody Chang, Min Ju Song, Lisa Lee, Jason Choi, Hoon Kim, Jin Pyuo Lee, Soohoon Oh, James An, Heejae Lim

Along with Sang Kyo, James Lee led KBS for his second term and the organization pushed for various initiatives to further grow the club.

FALL 2011 - SPRING 2012

Co-Presidents: Angie Han and James Lee

Board Members: Melody Chang, Sangkyo Cheon, Kyungsoo Choi, Berakah Lee, Jin Pyuo Lee, Chris Lim, Heejae Lim, Jung Chul Lim

After successful launching of the First BBB Case Competition in the summer of 2011, KBS implemented a Co-President system beginning in the 2011 fall semester.


President: Kyung Wook Lee

Founding Members: Joon Choi, Angie Han, Ryan Im, Hyeonsoo Jung, James Lee, Jung Chul Lim, Junyoub Lee, Kyle Lee


The Founding Members established the club at the University of Pennsylvania in 2011 Spring with the name “Korea Business Society”.

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