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Established in 2015, Business Analysis committee is a unique part of W-KUBS in that we engage in researching diverse finance-related materials for the entire members of the club to share. Our aim is to foster learning on the global economy and financial markets both inside and outside of WKUBS. Some of our core projects include compelling the macro affairs in the form of weekly newspapers called 'Sunday Morning Business Brew (SMBB)' and writing equity pitch reports for Korean companies, allowing our members to get a first-hand experience in company valuation, DCF models, and the distinctive features of Korean industries. To facilitate club-wide distribution of our resources, we have been promoting stock pitch competitions, where each committee comes up with a stock to either long or short every week. We are also very excited to open up Stephanie's Finance Class (SFC) to everyone, including the general body members. SFC is a weekly session that one of our committee members, Stephanie Cho (W '18), holds to teach the principles of valuation and modeling, share insights into industries (energy, healthcare, tech, etc.), as well as to look into real examples of companies (footlocker, etc.). Additionally, we plan to take part in intellectual exchanges with other international student organizations through case study analysis sessions.